Custom Made Packaging

Professional Quality Custom Made Packaging.

tAILORED Design Services

If you have an idea, we can help you to develop it. If you are looking for ideas, we have a whole host of creative solutions at our fingertips


We designed this practical and innovative packaging to
promote these amazing anti-ageing supplements.
Nothing says youth like fresh,
modern and clean packaging. 

Explore Some Of Our Recent Projects

Brick In A Box

One of our strengths is inventing clever and innovative designs that are customised for our individual clients. We can package anything – even a brick!! This client asked us to design some packaging for their building materials which was an interesting brief but we achieved it!

Balloon Display Stand

Life is never dull at Phillips Direct and we are kept on our toes by the unique briefs we receive from our clients! This is a balloon stand we designed for a local balloon company out of polypropylene!

Chapstick Display Stand

We often design point of sale items and enjoy a challenge! A pharmaceutical retailer asked us to design something to have by the till to advertise and store a range of chapsticks! This is what we came up with!

Fox Table Decorations

Always willing to think outside the box! We designed these cute fox table decorations for a children’s fox themed birthday party! They went down a treat!

phillips direct custom in house production techniques

Expertly Manufactured Packaging

We provide a full range of packaging solutions from luxury crafted boxes designed for beauty products, to eye catching containers for horticultural products. Our skills in packaging design and our experience in producing alluring, functional and innovative products, mean we relish the challenges posed by customers.

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