Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability matters now more than ever before. For every business, the challenge is to provide products and services that meet the sustainability standards that customers are coming to expect and demand. 


Sustainable Packaging

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Let us take a look at how we can redesign your product packaging to make it more environmentally friendly.

Beauty product box insert

Many of our clients in the beauty industry are looking to repackage their product ranges in more environmentally friendly materials. We received the brief to produce an insert, using sustainable materials to encase the products in the picture for this beauty company. Our Design team created this insert using cardboard to fit each of the products perfectly and hold them securely in place.

Headset Packaging

We were approached by a private military company who asked us to redesign their single use, non-recyclable plastic headset packaging. Our Design team put their heads together and came up with this 100% recyclable headset box made from corrugated cardboard. Not only is our client saving themselves money by switching to our design, but they are also reducing their carbon footprint!

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