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Why Choose Phillips Direct?

There are so many reasons for individuals and companies to choose Phillips Direct for coming up with innovative solutions and designs, bespoke and tailored specifically to your needs, to solve a problem that no other company can.

As a family run business which has been trading over three generations of the Phillips Family, gathering expertise and knowledge to be put to good use in every sector of the United Kingdom’s manufacturing industries, right across the board, there is no other company with more problem-solving products, there is no other company with a bigger library of Items that can be used in everyday life to help industry and individuals alike to trade successfully and profitably.

Phillips Direct go the extra mile to ensure that everything that you might need and even some things you didn’t even know you needed or could use, are available to you – Phillips Direct really is the company that has it all.

A social conscience above and beyond all of our competitors within the plastics manufacturing industry which stems from having a real person in charge, having a person who has grown-up understanding industry needs balanced with public concerns and even factoring in our very modern understanding of plastics and how using the right plastic is of paramount importance in so many ways.

Long gone are the days when we would simply manufacture to clients price in monetary terms, here at Phillips Direct, we build social conscience decisions into our products and only ever use plastics that can be recycled time and time again.

It is an ever growing public awareness of what is right and what is wrong balanced with industry requirements that make Phillips Direct stand out above all competitors. We will never base a decision on price alone, we will never compromise on our high standards and social responsibilities but we will continue to lead the field in innovation and problem-solving products for our clients.

When we take on a new client we also take on some of the responsibility that they have to the world around them and always strive to steer them in an environmentally friendly way whilst giving them the benefit of our expertise and knowledge, built up over years and decades, allowing them to share in our vision for plastics in our modern world.

We will never compromise, we will always serve our clients to our best ability.

If you have a project that requires total professionalism, innovative out-of-the-box thinking and a social conscience beyond all others then you need to contact Phillips Direct today; / 01442 200600

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