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We’ve Got An Appetite for Design


Is it just me, but what has happened to nicely presented menus that we used to get in restaurants? All you get these days is a piece of paper, and sometimes its a bit scruffy!Well, recently we’ve had the opportunity to re look at that, and this is what we came up with.
This week we are proud to showcase our latest product innovation, that at first glance you might think is just for the catering industry, although this new product is perfect for use as a menu cover it has so many potential applications.

If we look at them from a catering industry perspective for the sake of this article and list the attributes of this new product it can be seen even in the humble menu design , we weave in so many positives, for example:

  • our menus are manufactured from only recyclable material
  • high-grade polypropylene is used in the manufacture of all our menu covers
  • the frosted effect front cover lends itself perfectly, not only to menus but also presentation wallets

As previously mentioned we will only ever use fully recyclable or reusable products and these qualities are and have been for some time specifically designed into all of our new products with our latest menu offerings we bring to the market a product that is fully reusable and incredibly strong, whilst offering all of these major positives, our menu covers are at the same time affordable and indeed more cost-effective than standard menu covers as usually they are only a one-time use whereas our menus can be reused again and again.

With the menus available in a myriad of options such as A5 and A4 and even up to A3 if required.Containing a specially designed clip to seal in the inserts you can be sure that your menu covers will always be in the best condition possible even though you may have changed the inserts time and again.
This new menu product, whilst being new to the market, is aimed at all types of businesses that may require changeable inserts to be held within a frosted wallet or presentation book.Whilst this new wallet does lend itself perfectly to the catering industry and is ideal for restaurants, coffee shops and cafes the applications are in fact extremely varied.
Should you require any further information on this product, a sample, or any other within the spectacular range held by Phillips direct then please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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