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Phillips Direct, Stability in a Fragile World!


Never has the fragility of our business world ever being quite so uncertain or fragile than it is in our current economic climate…..with politicians dithering and arguing amongst themselves, stability is a key area in making business and management decisions for anyone running a modern forward-looking organisation.

Phillips Direct is a company with a pedigree and experience that goes above and beyond what could be described as stable, with the current Managing Director, Peter Phillips, being the third generation of Phillips in charge at the helm of our business, it’s a pretty sure bet that longevity and above all customer service and satisfaction, are at the very forefront of everything that Phillips Direct do.

Peter has a lot of history to look back on to guide future decisions, as the company was originally founded by his grandfather the original Mr Phillips. When Walter Phillips founded the company to specialise in letterpress printing, the company made a name for itself and became a market leader. When the next Mr Anthony Phillips took over and started to innovate product solutions in plastic to improve business across many industries, this was a watershed for innovation in solutions for Phillips Direct.

Over the years Phillips Direct have amassed a wealth of knowledge and information that could never be surpassed by any other product innovators.

When the founder of our business, Walter Phillips, Began our business all the way back in 1939 he could not possibly have imagined the huge leaps and bounds that have brought us to the modern day version of Phillips Direct with that wealth of experience and Phillips determination to maintain high product standards, and come up with amazing, innovative solutions all with affordability to our customers as well as quality in mind, are what makes Phillips Direct the number one choice for all innovations and solutions across many industries.

To take advantage of innovation, in-house design and bespoke solutions pick up the phone (01442 200600) and talk to us here at Phillips Direct today to be sure that you and your business get the quality service and problem solving design you deserve.

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