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Phillips Direct, Designers, Problem Solvers and Innovators!


When you come to Phillips Direct trying to find a solution to a problem that has been bothering you for creating problems within your work, you will find a service that is second to none.

Phillips Direct, with their own team of in house problem solving designers, are used to coming up with innovative solutions in every single industry, we have off-the-shelf problem-solving applications for just about anything you can think of and for those occasions when we don’t have the solution right there at the snap of our fingertips, our product designers will swing into action to iron out any wrinkle in your processes, they will design items and articles for you that you would never even have thought possible.

All of the years of experience that we have at Phillips Direct in helping our clients, we have never once failed to come up with a solution that works for our customer and solves the problem that they were faced with.

There really is no other company in the market quite like Phillips Direct with such a breath of knowledge and experience in so many industries and such a broad mixture of clients carrying out

every sort of work and service imaginable, we truly have seen it all, done it all, and probably created many of the solutions and items that you use in your everyday work.

Our clients come to us with problems to test us with, we never have and never will fail to design and create a solution no matter what the industry for all of our clients but even more than that our in-house designers not only come up with innovative solutions for clients and often end up creating products that the client can put to other uses therefore creating more value for the solution offered.

If you have a problem and you simply just don’t know where to turn give us a call at Phillips direct and let us shoulder the burden of finding a solution to your problem. / 01442 200600

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