We are passionate about Design and pride ourselves on Designs that work. Whether your solution requires a modification to an existing product or a brand new design concept, we can deliver fast and probably the fastest in the Industry. Working with CAD tools, we prototype in all plastics, foam, leather, paper and cardboard.


It is important to identify the correct material when making a product. A material which will not only suit the use of the product and life expectancy, but also the type of branding required and environmental criteria. We always try to work within your budget and can advise you on how to do this, when selecting materials.


At our manufacturing plant, we have a machine for every job. Firstly, most materials need to be cut in some way to prepare them for production. This could be slitting master rolls of plastic to smaller reels for pocket production, guillotining plastic and board for folders, or die cutting components. The products can then be ultrasonic or high frequency welded, plotted or die cut on the selected machine to meet the requirements or your order.


Whatever you need to have printed on a product, we have a process to do it.Blind or profile embossing is used on PVC or PU products and offers a unique branding opportunity. Foil blocking in silver or gold uses a metal die to imprint the foil onto the surface of material. This can be used on paper, cardboard, plastics and leather. Screen Printing is the oldest print process in the world and for products that need to be printed with line artwork and solid or vivid colours, it is a great choice. Digital Printing on our flat bed machine, provides a way to print in 4 colour process, on a range of materials and is great for short runs. Litho Printing is great for longer runs on paper and some plastic materials. This is great choice for 4 colour process artwork as the print quality is very clear.

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