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Phillips Direct the UK’s number One Industry Problem Solution Innovator has a NEW Website!

It’s Here!

Phillips Direct are so proud to announce our new website is officially open for business.

Following months of struggle, sweat and tears our brand spanking new site is live and ready to help us solve every problem that our wonderful customers, old and new can present us with.

Here at Phillips Direct we have so much to shout about and being the creative solutions specialist to all of your problems, we decided that our website should reflect the true depth of the experience that Phillips brings to the arena, of solving just about any problem that has ever been thought up, that’s really no lightly made claim, it is based on total experience and applied solutions across every industry.

Phillips Direct deal with just about every situation from point of sale problems to puzzling out tricky display items, Phillips really are the only guys who have all the answers for you.

Even a very quick peek at our product library, though I suggest a long look, will truly showcase our talented designers problem solving abilities in every single sphere, not only cool functional innovation and design will you find there but also some truly slick and state of the art items for use in every industry imaginable.

Our product library is so chock full of unimaginably smart bespoke inventions that we are pretty sure we have just the solution to your problem right there, however if you can present us with a problem we don’t already have the fix for then we will take a full design brief from you and then go away and so totally invent something just for you.

Phillips Direct have been at the forefront of innovation in every industry for such a long time that its pretty much a done deal that we have the solution for you and now with our brand new state of the art totally brilliant new website we can truly showcase our problem solving genius past and present, just visit our product library to see if the solution you’ve been looking for lies within its mounting and burgeoning ranks.

So if you have a problem, an idea or you are working on a project, we’ll happily create the right solution for you! / 01442 200600

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