We’ve Got An Appetite for Design   Is it just me, but what has happened to nicely presented menus that we used to get in restaurants? All you get these days is a piece of paper, and sometimes its a bit scruffy!Well, recently we’ve had the opportunity to re look at that, and this is […]

Innovative Product Design   We Phillips Direct leave no stone unturned in our quest to be the product design company of choice for customers looking for innovative solution in every single industry. There is no doubt that to stay as leader of the pack in such a dynamic and competitive area a company such as […]

Phillips Direct, Designers, Problem Solvers and Innovators!   When you come to Phillips Direct trying to find a solution to a problem that has been bothering you for creating problems within your work, you will find a service that is second to none. Phillips Direct, with their own team of in house problem solving designers, […]

Get Ready for Christmas….   Summer’s end……look forward towards higher profits with us https://www.phillipsdirect.com The question is, when is it time to start thinking about Christmas if you are an entrepreneur, running a business, owner of an online shop or any other enterprise that provides a service, training or goods to the public or other […]

Why Choose Phillips Direct? There are so many reasons for individuals and companies to choose Phillips Direct for coming up with innovative solutions and designs, bespoke and tailored specifically to your needs, to solve a problem that no other company can. As a family run business which has been trading over three generations of the […]

Phillips Direct, Stability in a Fragile World!   Never has the fragility of our business world ever being quite so uncertain or fragile than it is in our current economic climate…..with politicians dithering and arguing amongst themselves, stability is a key area in making business and management decisions for anyone running a modern forward-looking organisation. […]

Can Plastic Ever Be Good? As a writer and having to have an open mind being able to look beyond the populist view is important and whilst we are bombarded, quite rightly, with images of the damage the plastic does to our planet, to our environment, to our animals and even our own human health, […]

The Design Library, One of the Wonders of the World?   That might be pushing it a little but on the other hand ……..?!? Imagine a huge store room, no an enormous warehouse stacked chock full of problem solving, puzzle busting solutions, fantastically designed items to solve just about every single one of the obstacles […]

Phillips Direct the UK’s number One Industry Problem Solution Innovator has a NEW Website! It’s Here! Phillips Direct are so proud to announce our new website is officially open for business. Following months of struggle, sweat and tears our brand spanking new site is live and ready to help us solve every problem that our […]