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Can Plastic Ever Be Good?

As a writer and having to have an open mind being able to look beyond the populist view is important and whilst we are bombarded, quite rightly, with images of the damage the plastic does to our planet, to our environment, to our animals and even our own human health, think for example about the micro beads in some of our everyday shampoos and body washes kept in our bathrooms and swished away down the drain by countless millions of us everyday with not a thought of the consequences, this sort of plastic has a devastating impact on our environment and for what purpose ? As far as I can see just as some sort of cheap filler so that the company that’s producing it can make a bit more money.

It is quite obvious that some plastic is completely unnecessary and using it does of course have terrible consequences for us all however going back to the heading above and thinking about this for a minute let’s ask ourselves again can plastic ever be good?

Well having delved into The plastic industry and looked closely at some of the pros and cons it would appear to me that some plastics do in fact do a lot of good.

At Phillips Direct the main concern when creating innovative products and solutions, when we do use plastic component in it, the first concern is always for the well-being of the planet, environment and of course our customers.

The introduction of multiple ways of recycling means that products can always be used over and over again provided that they are made from the correct type of plastic, Phillips Direct use polypropylene and PVC, as these are plastic material which are easily recyclable anywhere in the UK and internationally.

Well known for its strength and robustness, polypropylene and PVC lends perfectly to creating some of the most innovative and wonderful products and solutions for clients and some businesses could not function without these solutions.

Polypropylene and pvc have a wide variety of uses and solves so many problems in so many industries, for example polypropylene food containers can contain our food which can then go in the freezer and be put directly into a microwave, once used that polypropylene container can withstand the rigours of a dishwasher without any problem whatsoever making them easy to look after and totally reusable multiple times.

Quite simply Phillips Directs use of polypropylene and PVC for many of its products and solutions is no accident.

Having decided on this course of action years before the alarm was raised, means that Philips Directs choice of materials has been vindicated and proven to be a wise choice.

Phillips Direct lead the way in recyclable products created, using polypropylene and PVC, and have done for a long time, pioneers of this strong, durable yet lightweight and flexible material has contributed to the and advancement of solution technologies within the product development industry.

Phillips direct take environmental issues very seriously and using multi use recyclable products is a giant step forward in the protection of our planet and environment from irresponsible use of single use non-recyclable plastic items.

To enquire about fully recyclable solutions and innovations contact Phillips Direct today and let us help you on your environmental friendly journey.

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